What I love most in the design world is helping people realize their dreams. I enjoy working with clients to discover the core of their business and develop an effective and personalized brand from there. 
"Every job is fundamentally about helping people, the only difference is in the way it's done."
This is a mantra that I always carry with me and apply to my work. I get a lot of energy and satisfaction from seeing a positive impact. When I see people grow through my efforts, it inspires me to continue doing what I do.
In design, I see this in the clients and the target audience, as well as in the people around me through sharing knowledge with each other. Human-centered design is at the core of what I stand for. Designing for the user. The person behind the request.
Human-centered design is an approach to problem-solving that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the process.
I hope to continue doing this for a long time to come, whether as a graphic designer, UX specialist, manager, coach, or teacher. The form may change, but the approach will always remain the same. Helping people.
My skills:
My core skills
My skills in the design field are mainly in the graphic and conceptual aspects. I have been working with Photoshop for over eight years, and have extensive knowledge of Illustrator and Procreate through my studies and work. In addition, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and have completed a preparatory course at the Classical Academy in Groningen, which allows me to quickly and neatly put visual ideas on paper.
UX/UI & webdesign
In addition to the graphic aspect, I have also gained a lot of experience in Adobe XD designing various websites and apps. Through the Interaction Design Foundation, I also learn new things about interaction design, psychology, and design on a daily basis.
From my work at the photo store Foto van Keulen, I have learned a lot about photography, especially when it comes to portraits and group photography. This translates into a relaxed, cheerful approach to photo shoots and a lot of enthusiasm to further develop and fine-tune these skills in, for example, corporate photography.
I have also been writing my entire life. The number of chapter ones I have written in my life is countless, and all that practice now translates into copywriting. I write texts for blogs, websites, and print with a tone of voice tailored to the target audience. I also speak and write English well, so I can also write or translate English texts.

Videography and editing
Through personal projects, I have gained skills in Lightroom and Premiere Pro. This allows me to produce simple videos and edit photos for a natural result. I still have a lot to learn in some areas, but I am very curious and not afraid of a challenge.
Audio design
As a musician and a podcast producer, I know how to record and edit audio. The extent of my skills depends on the projects, but setting up my own podcast has made me develop skills I can now use in further audio-related projects.
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