Nemesis was the final project group that I worked with during my BSc in Communication and Multimedia Deisng. The group consisted of six women with whom I executed the SC Cambuur assignment, among others.
Nemesis represents powerful, unexpected design. Together, we searched for new and innovative solutions with a raw edge that matched our branding.
The branding of Nemesis comprises an ambigram logo, a set of three colors, matching fonts, and two patterns. My contribution to these designs lies in the colors, the abstract line pattern, and the logo. The colors and the pattern came from one of my visual concepts, while Mara Hoogers and I developed the logo together.
Mara created the ambigram for the logo and produced its first digital version. Then, in consultation with her and the rest of the group, I refined the logo by applying grids to ensure that it would complement the sleek pattern and that it was perfectly reversible.
Furthermore, I developed a concept for how we could display portraits on the website, but unfortunately, we were unable to take photos, so it remained a concept. 
The expressions below were created in collaboration with the rest of the project group, with the first and last being fully created by me.

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