During my time as a Marketing Specialist at ZiuZ Forensic Investigation I worked on the launch of Fenoz, the company's newest software to support CSAM investigations. For this, I helped to develop the visual styling or the Fenoz brand, and applied this in various contexts, from articles and social media posts to the Fenoz webpage and brochures.
Currently, this styling can be seen on the Fenoz Website, as well as in the four news articles I have written for ZiuZ between 23-08-2023 and 01-11-2023.
The styling utilizes shades of yellow and orange (ZiuZ's brand colors) combined with dark grey to create a solid foundation, and white as a strong counter balance to the darker shades used in the branding. The wavy lines used in the Fenoz's branding symbolize speed and ease, and create a high-tech and modern style to represent the innovation that Fenoz brings.
The photo grid below shows how the colors and design principles were applied in several contexts, and how the design assets created by me were used in several contexts.
Note: The Fenoz logo was designed by G2K based on the same brand guidelines

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